New Year = New Challenge!
Are you a UTB graduate and are you thinking you start doing business?
We have the last free studio and we are waiting for you 🙂


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in UPPER Zlin

The bases created for your start, including business consulting. If you’re a beginner, you do not have to hesitate.

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What space UPPER offers

UPPER offers two main types of workspace: closed ateliers and open coworking. Members can also use the conference room, the kitchenette, the chillout zone.

What the Next event

UPPER thanks for your support in 2018 and to all wishes a successful and creative 2019! We will start with the new lectures and events at the end of February. Watch us :)

What's happening right now...

We still have one free atelier, so do not hesitate and send the request as soon as possible. Whether you want to start a project, a company or you want to move freelancer into a creative space. For more information, please read UPPER section :)
Team members

Vít Mach – Studio Roost

“I praise UPPER  everywhere – but it’s not just for nothing! The managers have created the great space with great prerequisite for attracting great people and is an excellent foundation for a new entrepreneur or business. Thanks for the opportunity to be here, it was wonderful! “

Team members

Filip Tomanec – Company Solvetech

“Upper is certainly a great place for beginner entrepreneurs who want to surround themselves with similarly minded people with ideas and experiences that will help accelerate the initial stage of realizing individual creative projects.”

Team members

David Hliněný – Studio Urbanist

“From UPPER, we have taken on an invaluable, everyday experience in the sense of how, by what means and to what ends, the people who are temporarily housed in a tenancy relationship are led. It is educating companies for interdisciplinary cooperation. At the moment, we are standing on our own feet, in a commercial space, under harsh commercial conditions, and of course we chose co-workers who are most comfortable with us and we continue to develop the idea of UPPER by ourselves. “

What our
ex members

The satisfaction of our members is important to us, so we like every feedback that helps us to improve. All creative enthusiasts are warmly welcome! Whether as members or as an enthusiast of our actions.

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