From 1st November we will have three studios open, so do not hesitate and send the request as soon as possible!
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The basis created for your business start, including consultancy in the running your own business. If you are a starting creative, do not hesitate. You are definitely UPPERist.


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What kind of spaces UPPER offers

UPPER offers two main working spaces: closed studios and the open coworking space. The members can use the meeting room, the kitchen and the chill out zone.

When you can visit our next event

UPPER is quietly preparing a list of new motivational lecturers in the GO UPPER series :) Follow us on facebook site to keep you away, info on the first lecture we will hang out soon!

What is happening right now

At the moment, our studio Kouzelna is being prepared to leave UPPER. We are terribly sorry because they have been with us since the beginning and what we have been saying has come to heart. Well, we know it's time to accept new fresh startups. We will have three studios open from 1st November, so do not hesitate and send the request as soon as possible. For more information, please read sub page UPPER :)

Vít Mach – Studio Roost

“UPPER deserves special praise – but it is not for nothing! The perfect space created by the managers at the U11 building. It is a great prerequisite for attracting awesome people and it is a perfect basis for starting company or enterpreneur. Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of UPPER, it was perfect!”

Filip Tomanec – company Solvetech

“UPPER is definitely a perfect place for entrepreneurs, which want to surround themselves with people, which think alike. They have ideas and experience, which help to accelerate a starting phase of individual creative projects.”

What our
honored members
think about UPPER

It is very important to us how our members like the working environment in UPPER. Thus we are very glad to receive any feedback, which helps us to improve. All of our creative enthusiasts are more than welcome! Whether like an UPPER member or a visitor of your events.

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